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The Providence Ghost Walk is Providence’s original, longest-running ghosts and graveyards tour! Join me for a stroll through the haunted history of Providence, Rhode Island, one of the nation's oldest and most haunted cities.

I have spent years collecting local ghost stories and relate these strange tales on the Ghost Walk, often in the shadow of the very site where the hauntings are said to occur.

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

  • Edgar Allan Poe walked our streets and visited one of our old graveyards - and many residents say that he does still.
  • Two phantom women bemoan their sad fate over a century after the tragic fire that claimed both their lives.
  • H. P. Lovecraft's weird tale of the Shunned House is based on fact - come hear the story of the Harris House, and the strange fate that befell its tenants.
  • Not all vampires exist in the pages of fiction - some of them can be found right here in Rhode Island!

The Providence Ghost Walk leaves from in front of the Providence Athenaeum (at the corner of Benefit and College Streets) every Saturday and Sunday in October at 3pm. Tickets are $9.

Other tours may be added to the schedule to meet demand. Ask about other tours that are available, including private Ghost Walks for groups.

Have a ghost story about Providence? Let me know. You could win Ghost Walk tickets!


"If anybody knows the ghost stories of Providence's East Side, it's Rory."
NBC-10 Reporter R. J. Heim

"I've been on Rory's tour, and I can honestly say it was one of the most fascinating nights of my life."
Cat, Providence Monthly

"Your engaging presentation moderates the frightening frontiers of rationality with humorous anecdotes of our human frailties. Good Job!"
Michael Bell, folklorist, author of "Food for the Dead"

"Local Haunt: Walking down Benefit Street, you can't help but be enthralled by its historic beauty. Captivated, you might feel a shiver down your spine. Was that a whisper in your ear? A tap on your shoulder? Nah, it's just Rory Raven, your creepy tour guide for the Providence Ghost Walk, and the purveyor of all things haunted. Be afraid, be very afraid."
Providence Monthly's 100 Things We Love About Providence

(#8) "BEST SPOOKY CITY WALK (minus mugging): Yes, H. P. Lovecraft confused his own, twisted identity with that of Providence, but do you know which house on Benefit Street is the one from whose basement he described dark spirits swirling forth? Everyone is aware that Edgar Allan Poe conducted an ill-fated courtship of Sarah Whitman in the stacks of the Providence Athenaeum, but does anyone know how scary the prospect of marriage was to the poor, sensitive poet? You can ask about that and more on a nail-biting PROVIDENCE GHOST WALK led by Rory Raven. He's a parapsychology buff who conducts séances and has a stage act as a mind reader. Every Saturday and Sunday in October ...."
The Providence Phoenix Best of 2005

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