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Here are some sites that may be of interest or help. Some are run by friends of mine, others are simply groups who have interesting things to say. Tell them that Rory Raven sent you. And if you have any interesting links you think I should know about, drop me a line.


If the paranormal exists, these are the folks who are going to know about it. The list includes a couple of the top organizations and a few of the leading names in the field.


These folks insist that the paranormal does not exist, and are happy to tell you why. No matter what side of the question you find yourself on, you should take a look at what the other side has to say about it.


  • Big Head Studio
    My friend Scott Bonelli can make anything under the sun. Don't ask just go. And no, I've never bought anything from him. Shame on you for even thinking that.
  • Cellar Stories Bookstore
    The best used bookstore in Providence. Go read a book and I already know which one.
  • Chris Carbone
    A very talented family entertainer, juggler, and magician. And a good guy, too.
  • Paul Di Filippo
    A very talented sf writer, and one of the nicest, smartest people I have the pleasure of knowing.
  • Fortune
    Classic rock party band to shake your groove thing to.
  • Ghosts of New York
    Another fine walking tour through the haunted streets of New York City.
  • Charlie Hall and the Ocean State Follies
    Charlie is a standup pioneer, and the man behind "The Ocean State Follies", a skewed view of life in the smallest state.
  • Haunted Britain
    Richard Jones's excellent site, with great information about the ghosts of Great Britain, not to mention a fine Jack the Ripper tour!
  • Lady Miss Iris
    Providence's first neo-burlesque artist.
  • Marvelous Marvin
    A fantastic all-around performer and entertainer.
  • Mythographical
    Website of Steve Ahlquist and Chris Reilly, who may or may not be joking.
  • Frank O'Donnell
    A very funny man and a veteran of the New England comedy scene. We have teamed up several times to present a show like no other.
  • Quahog.org
    Maintained by my friend Christopher Martin, this is the definitive Rhode Island road trip.
  • Paul Ramsay
    A certified hypnotist with a great stage show, he is a nice guy and a pleasure to work with. Check out our special package deal, the Masterminds weekend.
  • Matt Roberts
    I'm not a magician, but Matt is, and a good one to boot.
  • Ian Rowland
    Mindreader, Mind-Motivator, and fridge-magnet. A good friend, expert in the techniques of "cold reading". You owe yourself a visit to his great site.
    I give you the one, the only, the incomparable Spogga! Must be heard to be believed!
  • Time to Get Organized
    New Jersey-based professional organizing and time management service run by my friend Amara, who is just one of the best people your could ever meet. She got me organized, she can get you organized.
  • Xtreme Behavior
    Harry M and Vikki Velvet, New England's premiere knife throwing act!
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